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We do our best to Keep inventory of all listed items, Items in inventory normally ship within 5 days. However being a custom shop & human, we cannot keep a 100% inventory at all times, there-for some items may not be in stock and will made when ordered. Those items may take 1 to 3 weeks. If you need an item right away, please check with us for availability.
All pictures are representative only & not the actual product, everything we sell is hand crafted therefore each item will be similar but no two will ever be exactly the same. All measurements are approximations, sizes will vary slightly
​ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE  in the event of price increase in your order we will contact you prior to processing that order
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About Irons in the Fire
Irons in the Fire is a family owned and operated Blacksmith shop located in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks, Our shop is located just a few miles from the Lake of the Ozarks, West of Camdenton just off Hi-way 54 on J road.
Owned & operated by Tony & Sheri Brooks, along with their 3 young children; Daysha, Wyatt, and Zane. 
      Tony Brooks started his path as a fine artisan at a very young age. Tony says, “I started working part time in a blacksmith shop at age 12. The old smith took me under his wing and showed me the basics. My first job
was sharpening blow points. In the years that followed the art has more or less developed on its own.” 
Tony creates functional art from metal and has forged a diverse array of objects ranging from tiny hooks to massive gates & handrails. His work is beautifully crafted and unique in design. Tony describes his passion for creating: “I love taking bright red hot steel and seeing it move and take the shape under the hammer. Samuel Yellen once said, ‘Iron is an inanimate object; it is a smith’s job to bring it to life.’ I think that sums it up very well.” 
          Tony became a Best of Missouri Hands Juried Artist in 2010.
         A long time member of ABANA (Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America)
         A member of BAM (Blacksmiths Association of Missouri)

 Irons in The fire is dedicated to creating a wide variety of products to suit a wide variety of tastes, our motto is: 
"We can make most anything you desire at Irons in The Fire!"

"Bring us your unique idea and we will work with you to create it"
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Demonstration at Wilson’s Creek Battlefield Civil war re-enactment August 2011