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We do our best to Keep inventory of all listed items, Items in inventory normally ship within 5 days. However being a custom shop & human, we cannot keep a 100% inventory at all times, there-for some items may not be in stock and will made when ordered. Those items may take 1 to 3 weeks. If you need an item right away, please check with us for availability.
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All pictures are representative only & not the actual product, everything we sell is hand crafted therefore each item will be similar but no two will ever be exactly the same. All measurements are approximations, sizes will vary slightly
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Fire place Tools
Vine style Fireplace tool 4-peice set (poker,shovel,broom, hanger)
$119.95 + S&H​
Dragon head Fireplace tool 4-peice set (Wall hanger poker,shovel,broom, hanger)
​$359.95 + S&H
Forged Organic leaf 
4-peice set 
(Stand poker,shovel,broom)
Forged Organic leaf 4-peice set 
(Wall hanger poker,shovel,broom, hanger) 
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Fire place poker
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Dragon head Fireplace
 tool set with stand

We do prefer to sell Fire place tools in sets. But we also understand there are those who may only want the poker. All styles of poker are now available for purchase individually. Contact us for individual pricing and availability
Oak leaf & Acorn 4pc set with stand 

Oak leaf & Acorn 4 piece set
(Wall hanger poker,shovel,broom, hanger)
​$179.95 + S&H